Katielyn Miller

Johnson and Wales University - Denver

Fall 2018 Hungry To Lead Scholarship ($2,500)


Hometown:  Bailey, Colorado

Major:  Sports, Entertainment, and Events Management

Graduation Year:  2022


About Katielyn:


The path I have chosen in life is truly unique and mine. Instead of attending a traditional brick and mortar school, I have attended online school for the past three years, and through online school, I was given the opportunity to pursue my passions in figure skating as well as in cake decorating and dog showing. These activities, each non-traditional and unique, have helped shape me into a diligent and hard-working person. Through my multiple hobbies, I have taken on numerous leadership positions, and I have loved working with the many different people. While I am certainly driven, it is not all work and no play for me, for I find what I do, including events management, extremely interesting, creative, and exciting.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


The hospitality industry is constantly growing and expanding, and while I do envision my future career in a certain way, I would be silly to limit my view to that one vision and ignore the growing possibilities. For that reason, I am keeping my goals wide open, taking everything one step at a time. One thing that I know for sure is that I want to make people happy. Some possibilities that intrigue me though are working internationally, working with companies like Disney, and working on weddings and the like. My time at Johnson and Wales will help guide me to my niche, and wherever that may be, I will always keep in mind my true goal of making others happy.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


With the help of the funds from the Hungry to Lead Scholarship, I will be attending Johnson and Wales University in Denver this fall. Just as I knew I had to apply for this scholarship, I knew I had to apply to Johnson and Wales University. In the hospitality field, Johnson and Wales is a clear leader, and I look forward to learning from professionals in the field.

Anna McCroskey

Coastal Carolina University

Fall 2018 Leadership Recognition Award ($1,000)


Hometown:  Little River, SC

Major:  Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management

Graduation Year:  2021


About Anna:

I am a hardworking and persistently stubborn mother of a beautiful 2 year old, Hailey. I aggressively chase and drive myself towards the things I want for myself and my family. I love learning about space, listening to thunderstorms and planning events! I am so excited for the journey ahead now that I am continuing my education. I can’t wait to get my degree and spend my time doing what I love...and getting paid to do it!


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


I am so excited to get my degree in HRTM because I want to be an event planner. I would love to work for an event planning company or even a resort as the person who coordinates events for people who need help bringing their ideas to life. Having said that, HRTM is a good major to pursue in the area I live in because it is a very well known tourist town. My degree, a B.S.B.A. in HRTM would be so beneficial to have because the variety of work you can do with it is immense. There are so many options in the field to explore


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


Without financial assistance, it is so hard for moms to return to school. Had it not been for my knowledge of applying for and earning financial aid, I would not have been able to confidently decide to return to school to better myself. This scholarship is allowing me to put money towards the debt I will unfortunately have to acquire to earn a college education. Because I have a daughter to care for, it is so helpful and amazing to know I have some financial backup in the process! Thank you!


Rose Colvin

Southern New Hampshire University

Fall 2017 Amana Leadership Scholarship ($2,500)


Hometown:  Auburn, New Hampshire

Major:  Culinary and Business Management

Graduation Year:  2021


About Rose:


For as long as I have been in school, I have always been a hardworking and conscientious student, always focusing on my schoolwork and willing to help others. Usually known as the quiet kid in the classroom, I have a strong voice in the kitchen and a leader to my peers, committed to helping whenever they need it. I have been interested in the Culinary Arts as a career path since I was nine years old, and my passion for the field has not stopped. I currently work in the foodservice industry at an ice cream shop, scooping ice cream and decorating cakes, I graduated Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New Hampshire in the top fifty in a class of over seven hundred students, and I am attending Southern New Hampshire University for Culinary Arts at the end of August.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


My future goals in the foodservice industry are to receive my Culinary and Business management degree in 2021 and to utilize that degree by eventually owning a bakery. After graduating college, I will work my way up in a bakery or restaurant, and will continue to learn about new techniques used in the industry and about various cultures as well. Eventually, after working my way up, I will hopefully own my own bakery and travel the world to further learn about various cultures.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


The Amana Leadership Scholarship will support my career development goals by helping to make my Culinary education more affordable. In doing so, I will not only easily obtain my degree, but will help to create a foundation to eventually own my own business in the foodservice industry. The Amana Leadership Scholarship will also help me to buy my Culinary Arts textbooks, which will help me to focus on advancing my Culinary education rather than tuition and cost of textbooks.

Mara Pasquarella

University of Alabama

Fall 2017 Leadership Recognition Award ($500)


Hometown:  Centennial, Colorado

Major:  Hospitality Management/Meetings/Events Planning

Graduation Year:  2021


About Mara:


I am the youngest of three children that were raised in a home based on love, faith and serving others.  I was born in Rhode Island but grew up in Colorado.  I am not a skier though! I spent nine years on a very competitive synchronized swim team and had the opportunity to compete in the Junior Olympics on two occasions.  I am currently a new student at the University of Alabama. I am studying Hospitality Management with a concentration in meeting management.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


I always knew I wanted to end up in a field that would allow me to interact with people. I am very outgoing so I have never had an interest in a typical office job and wanted a career in which I could express myself and work with others. Past that, though, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue.  It wasn’t until my freshmen year of high school, when I joined Student Leadership that I finally got a glimpse of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I decided to apply for the Student Leadership class; a co-curricular course in which about 50 students are responsible for planning all school events. It definitely sparked my affinity for event planning. I loved seeing all of our hard work pay off in a successful, fun and lucrative way for the school. Student Leadership has facilitated my love for school events, as we are expected to go to them. It has been so rewarding to experience people in different aspects of the school; from our Mr. Grandview boys pageant, to musicals, to football games, I have loved participating and getting the most out of my high school experience. After realizing my love for events and the work behind them, I began to explore the option of pursuing event planning as a career and realized the copious options available to me. By learning more about specific branches under event planning, one caught my attention: incentive travel. Ultimately, after achieving my current goal of getting my degree in Hospitality, I hope to one-day work in the incentive travel field. In this field I will be able to utilize my learned leadership skills to learn from those around me and also help them. I have learned what being a team player is all about and I understand that amazing, memorable events do not come from a sole person, but rather a group of determined individuals going to a common goal, all while inspiring each other to improve.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


I am living in a time when college students are taking on more debt to fund their dreams than ever before.I understand the need for and value earning a college degree and I need to find ways to fund that other than taking out a significant amount of debt.This scholarship will assist me in paying for my books which were $498.00 for the fall semester.I know that through scholarships, working in the summers and during the school year I will be able to keep my loan debt to a manageable amount so when I graduate I will have more flexibility in the career choices I can make.I will be able to pursue my passion of incentive travel/event planning.

Sarah Resanovich

Drexel University

Fall 2017 Leadership Recognition Award ($500)


Hometown:  New City, NY

Major:  Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Graduation Year:  2021


About Sarah:


I grew up in Rockland County, New York and I just graduated from Clarkstown South Senior High School and Rockland BOCES Career and Technical Education Center. I’ve always had an interest in baking but it didn’t become my passion until 8th grade. Cooking and baking are a great escape from my daily life and also a creative outlet for me. I look at ingredients like a blank canvas, enjoy cooking dinner every night for my family, and I loved cooking every day in my culinary career and tech program. I really got involved in my career and tech school and became president of our chapter of SkillsUSA, captain of our ProStart Management team, and a student ambassador for the school.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


I am a dual major in Culinary Arts and Sciences and Hospitality Management. I have also been fast-tracked to get my MBA so I expect to be in school a total of 5-years. After school I would like to go into Hospitality and Restaurant management. At some point in my career I would like to pursue further higher education in the career and technical education field. I want to do that so that I can give other high school students the great career and technical experience that I had.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


This year I will attend the Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University. While I am at Drexel I hope to take advantage of all that the school has to offer, from extra-curricular activities to their amazing co-op program. I am expecting to do my co-op in my junior year and hope to do it abroad so I can widen my world view and broaden my experience. This scholarship will help me afford more opportunities like this. This leadership scholarship will also continue to inspire me to work my hardest and always put in 100%.


Ashten Garrett

Johnson & Wales University

Fall 2016 Hungry To Lead Scholarship ($2,500)


Hometown:  Fairlawn, Ohio

Major:  Culinary Arts

Graduation Year:  2020


About Ashten:


I want to cook! When I was three my parents bought me a fully equipped toy kitchen and my own set of pots and utensils.  The microwave had a bell, the refrigerator dispensed water and the stove burners turned orange like a flame. I was hooked. Most kids grow out of the pots and pans stage but not me.  Later I got an Easy Bake Oven and baked all of the deserts in a day.  I spent my summers in culinary classes and eventually advanced to real pots and pans in my mother’s kitchen where I confirmed my passion for cooking.  As you may guess my major is Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management and I am beyond excited to pursue a career in culinary arts. I also enjoy reading, playing any sport, listening to music, volunteering, hanging out with friends and surprisingly working.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


I would love to travel abroad while working on a cruise ship.  I feel this opportunity will allow me to experience different cultures and foods; therefore, expanding my knowledge and talents in culinary arts. My ultimate goal is to own and operate my own restaurant.  I expect to WOW my customers with my culinary skills by creating colorful, flavorful, mouth-watering, delectable dishes for their enjoyment. I also aspire to one day contribute my culinary dedication and passion to the industry by teaching, with hopes of inspiring others to be as enthusiastic as I am for culinary arts.  Eventually, I would like to become a Master Chef.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


In 8th grade I discovered Johnson and Wales University.  From then on I carried their brochures in my book bag with hopes of attending one day.  By my junior year I was able to attend a culinary camp hosted by JWU and at that time I was certain that JWU was the school for me. This scholarship will help make my dreams of attending JWU and becoming a Chef possible by assisting me in my efforts to manage the enormous cost of tuition.

Ethan Reynolds

Culinary Institute of America

Fall 2016 Amana Leadership Scholarship ($2,500)


Hometown:  Fox River Grove, IL

Major:  Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management

Graduation Year:  2020


About Ethan:


Hello! My name is Ethan Reynolds, and I am about to begin my freshman year studying Culinary Arts at the Culinary Institute of America. I’ve always loved food, but it wasn’t until I attended a culinary camp at a local college a year ago that I realized that cooking was my passion, and that it’s what I wanted to do as a career more than anything else. As soon as I realized this, I got a job at an upscale Latin restaurant in Chicago, where I plated desserts, worked banquets, and made ceviches for about a year. I’m so excited to see what the future holds, in culinary school and beyond!


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


After my graduation from culinary school, I plan to travel and work in international kitchens. The thought of spending two years bouncing between fine-dining restaurants in Stockholm, and then moving to Japan for a year or two, and then to Mexico – that makes my heart beat fast. My dream is that once I’m ready to continue on to the position of executive chef, the places I’ve seen and the experiences I’ve had will come together in an amalgamation that will be channeled through my personal creative voice to form something on the plate that nobody has ever seen before. And then once I’ve experienced and practiced high-level kitchen management firsthand, I want to have a restaurant of my own, where I will be free to make the formative and creative decisions that define the restaurant’s atmosphere and cuisine.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


Becoming a chef is my dream. I know that to make my dream a reality, I need to receive the highest-end culinary education there is: the Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management from the Culinary Institute of America. The generous Hungry to Lead scholarship helps in making my dreams a reality by enabling me to afford this top-notch education. And for this I am extremely grateful.

Oasis Quiroga

Mesa Community College

Fall 2016 Leadership Scholarship ($500)


Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Major:  Nutrition

Graduation Year:  2020


About Oasis:


I am a freshman attending Mesa Community College. I have a passion for food as well as serving others and I recently discovered that I may peruse both my passions as a dietitian. I believe that I am very blessed to have received so much financial help from MCC, Professional Reps, and financial aid. Every bit of it is helping me to earn my degree in nutrition and dietetics so that I may follow my dreams. I love helping people and teaching them about the different foods we eat and the benefits or hindrances they provide. I think that are a lot of different claims being thrown around in today’s world about what is good for us, but how do we know which ones are accurate? It is my hope that I can learn the answer to this questions and share it with the world, spreading more knowledge about the importance and function of our health.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


My future goals consist of graduating from ASU with at least a 3.8 GPA and earning a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics.   Another goal I have is to graduate from MCC and ASU debt free, having no student loans to my name. And, of course, my overall goal is to work as a professional licensed dietitian. 


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


The Hungry To Lead scholarship will support me in achieving my goals by providing me a way to help pay for college without using student loans. With its financial assistance, I can focus on my classes and schoolwork without having to worry about how I can pay for it. The Hungry To Lead scholarship is helping me achieve my long term goal of becoming a licensed dietitian through their financial support that allows me to pay for valued classes.


Sylvia Richardson

North Carolina Central University

Fall 2015 Amana Leadership Scholarship ($2,500)


Hometown:  Houston, Texas

Major:  Accounting and Hospitality Management

Graduation Year:  2018


About Sylvia:


My name is Sylvia Richardson and I just completed my freshman year in the Honors Program at North Carolina Central University, with a double major in accounting and hospitality/tourism. Following my freshman year, I currently have a 3.9 GPA. As a result of achieving a 4.0 GPA during my first semester, I received NCCU's First Steps Academic Recognition. I enjoy reading, music and sports. I heard about the scholarship through the website, which lists available scholarships. I applied because the scholarship overview almost identically described my career field and aspirations.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


My career goal is to obtain a management position in the finance department of a major hotel chain or international firm within the tourism industry. I look forward to the opportunity to travel abroad which a career in the hospitality industry will provide.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


One of my goals during my college matriculation is to graduate from college with no college loan debt. The scholarship will assist me in achieving that goal and to have more flexibility with my career choices upon graduation.

Kennedy Moore

University of South Alabama

Fall 2015 Hungry To Lead Recipient ($2,500)


Hometown:  Tuskegee, Alabama

Major:  Hospitality and Tourism Management

Graduation Year:  2019


About Kennedy:


I am a strong believer in Christ and I have a genuine, down to earth spirit. I enjoy cooking and being creative in many ways. I have deep appreciation for art and fashion. And I am a very ambitious individual who is passionate about the hospitality industry. I found out about this scholarship through I receive various emails about scholarship opportunities from them on a weekly basis. When I saw the Hungry to Lead Scholarship and read the criteria I knew I had to apply because it was made specifically for people like me who are interested in Hospitality and Food Services. It has been very rare for me to find scholarships that deal with my major so once I discovered it, I was automatically motivated to apply.


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


There are so many things I want to accomplish in my life. My number one dream is to become general manager of a Disney or Universal theme park or resort. I also want to tour the Caribbean or Mediterranean as an event coordinator on cruise ships. I'm sure there will be great opportunities to come my way even if they are not goals I originally planned on having.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


This scholarship is assisting me in my pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. It has been a tedious process trying to figure out how I will pay for college but this scholarship has given me hope. Hungry to Lead has given me the reassurance I needed, letting me know I am on the right path.

Jessica Martin

James Madison University - Virginia

Fall 2015 Leadership Recognition Award ($500)


Hometown:  Manalapan, New Jersey

Major:  Hospitality Management

Graduation Year:  2019


About Jessica:


I am a Jersey girl who just moved to Virginia searching for a school that will not only give me a great education but also help me to continue my community service and help me to grow as a person. I love soccer, cheering my school on during athletic games, and spending time with friends. I am a student in the school of hospitality at James Madison University (Duke) pursuing my bachelor science of hotel management with a minor in business. JMU was my dream school and I was determined to find extra money to enable me to pay my tuition. I applied for the scholarship because I felt I fit the criteria and am honored and ecstatic to have won. I will do my best to use this faith you have bestowed upon me to pursue my career goals!


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


There are so many opportunities in an industry that is predicted to comprise 10% of the workforce by 2022. I am just starting my adventure but I am particular interested in travel and tourism and hotel management. I look forward to finding leadership experiences during my time at JMU to enhance my long range plan to flourish in both my professional and personal career.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


This scholarship supports my dream of working in the hotel industry. With the hopes of world travel and gaining a management position, I am pursuing my degree at a university which has recently opened their own school of hospitality. I look forward to learning from the great professors at JMU and I will use this money to finance the study abroad program.


Matthew Medonich

Brigham Young University – Hawaii

Fall 2014 Hungry To Lead Recipient ($2,500)


Hometown:  Surprise, Arizona

Major:  Hotel Management

Graduation Year:  2016


About Matthew:


I am a 22 year old man who loves to meet people and understand their needs and aspirations. I lived in Czech Republic for two years in a service capacity, learned the language, and loved the country and the people. It gave me a greater appreciation for what I have, and also the desire to help others achieve their goals. I enjoy attending college at BYU Hawaii, but look forward to graduation and starting my career. The uncertainty of what the future holds for me is starting to play out and I’m excited about the opportunities that await me!


What are your future goals in the foodservice/hospitality industry?


I’ve enjoyed working in the food and beverage department at the hotel I’m currently working at for my internship. I also enjoy selling as I like to meet and talk with people. I really enjoy traveling and trying great food and all sorts of new dishes from different cultures. My goal is to combine my love for food, traveling and meeting people into a career. When I graduate college I would like to interview for hotels in the food and beverage department or in restaurant supply.


How will the Hungry To Lead Scholarship support your career goals?


My internship this summer was unpaid so I wasn’t able to work this summer for tuition, books or housing. Before I left for my internship, I went to Indianapolis to sell security systems, door to door, trying to earn tuition money for school. I was only able to work three weeks before I had to leave for Prague to do my internship. This scholarship award will help so much to complete my education on time. It was perfect timing and I’m very grateful and honored to be chosen.

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